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Publication Alert! UHM Sociology Professor Manfred Steger has published another new book, “Globalisms: Facing the Populist Challenge, Fourth Edition” from #Rowmanlittlefield
Congratulations, Dr. Steger!

Globalisms: Facing the Populist Challenge, Fourth Edition

Providing a comprehensive overview of the changing ideological landscape in the age of globalization, Manfred Steger explores the clashing political b...

October 7 & 8: Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor Dr. Nandita Sharma, and author of Home Rule, will be giving two talks.

Learn more:
Hosted by @McMaster_IGHC and the Department of Sociology.

UHM Sociology Graduate student Jon Fernquest’s article, State Killing, Denial, and Cycles of Violence in the Philippines, will be published in the Philippine Sociological Review Volume 66 under the special issue theme “Sociology of Justice”. Congratulations, Jon!

UHM SOC Prof. Aya Kimura’s new book, Science by the People: Participation, Power, and the Politics of Environmental Knowledge, has published by @RutgersUPress. The book is co-written by Abby Kinchy and available in various formats

Science by the People

Citizen science—research involving nonprofessionals in the research process—has attracted both strong enthusiasts and detractors. Many envir...

TOMORROW 3pm at Crawford 115! UHM SOC Dept Colloquium presents - The Varieties of Neoliberalism: A brief overview of their intellectual origins and concrete policy manifestations by Dr. Ravi Roy. Wine and cheese reception will be followed after the talk🍷🧀

Happening NOW! Meet and ask questions to sociology professors, win prizes, and learn about sociology major at the College Fair. We are here at the Saunders courtyard until 1pm. See you there!

NEXT WEEK! UHM SOC Dept Colloquium presents - The Varieties of Neoliberalism: A brief overview of their intellectual origins and concrete policy manifestations by Dr. Ravi Roy on Tues 10/1 from 3pm at Crawford 115. Here’s Dr. Roy’s clip on his expertise:

UHM Sociology Professor Manfred Steger’s newest book, Globalization Matters: Engaging the Global in Unsettled Times, co-written with Paul James, is available in paperback, e-book, and hardcover by @CambridgeUP

If you haven’t read Dr. Aya Kimura's award winning book, Radiation Brain Moms and Citizen Scientists, you have until 10/31 to save 30% on your online order with coupon code 4S19 from @DukePress website!

UHM Sociology Prof Aya Kimura has attended 2019 Society for Social Studies of Science conference to receive her Rachel Carson award in New Orleans. Congratulations again, Dr. Kimura!

VYChoi on Twitter

“At the author meets critic panel for Rachel Carson book prize winner, Aya Kimura. I teach it in my “Disasters” course and it is a c...

UHM SOC prof Darrah was in an executive team for Truth Racial Healing and Transformation Institute, which just finished a 5-day intensive cohort with UHM staff, faculty, and communities, dedicated to nurturing kuleana and socio-ecological kinship to ‘āina

UHM SOC prof Jennifer Darrah was in a design and facilitation team for Summer Institute: the Truth Racial Healing and Transformation, worked with 37 other universities to think about dismantling racism and creating opportunities for healing in higher ed

UHM Sociology Professor Manfred Steger just published his newest book. Globalization Matters: Engaging the Global in Unsettled Times, co-written with Paul James, is now available as e-book or hardcover by @CambridgeUP

Dr. Katherine Irwin is back to UHM after her sabbatical year! Her book “Jacked Up and Unjust:Pacific Islander Teens Confront Violent Legacies” won 2018 American Sociological Association’s Asian America Book Award with a co-author Dr. Karen Umemoto. Congrats again @KatyOrtizIrwin!

Dr. Ashley Rubin @ashleytrubin, the newest addition to UHM Department of Sociology, was elected to join Section Council for the Crime, Law, and Deviance section of ASA. She was also an invited scholar to Special Session on mass incarnation at ASA this year

Recent PhD graduate Yuki Asahina’s @yukiasah article “Becoming right-wing citizens in contemporary Japan” is based on his MA thesis and published by Contemporary Japan journal. FREE download for the first 50 online copies!

UHM Sociology Professor Aya Kimura has received the 2019 Rachel Carson Prize for her book, Radiation Brain Moms and Citizen Scientists:The Gender Politics of Food Contamination. The book was recognized for its contribution in science and technology studies

Award-winning book follows mothers' determination after Japan nuclear disaster | University of Hawaiʻi System News

Aya H. Kimura, a University of Hawaii at Manoa associate professor, won the 2019 Rachel Carson Book Prize for Radiation Brain Moms and Citizen Scienti...

UHM Sociology Department’s recent graduate Sanna King will start a tenure track assistant professor position in the Department of Sociology at Mississippi State University @msstate this fall. Conglatulations Sanna again and have a great semester at MSU!

UHM Sociology Graduate student Joy Lacanienta is 2019’s recipient of Gary K. Sakihara Memorial Graduate Scholarship. This competitive department award goes to a PhD candidate who exemplifies a strong research capacity, community engagement, and collegiality. Congratulations Joy!

Did you know that our graduate students host their own sociology podcast? Subscribe The Social Breakdown by Omar, Ellen, and Penn (2017 graduate) for new shows or throw back to beginning-of-semester episode on time management in grad school! @socbreakdown

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