Applying for Graduate Study

The admissions process is competitive. Prospective MA or PhD students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our faculty. We welcome applications from individuals whose academic interests match our expertise.

  • The application deadline for Fall admission is January 15.

Prospective MA and PhD students must complete two separate applications:

1) UH Mānoa Graduate Division

Prospective students must complete the online application as provided by Graduate Division. All questions concerning the application and associated requirements should be directed to Graduate Division. There is an application fee. The following materials should also be submitted directly to Graduate Division:

2) Department of Sociology

The following materials, specific to our graduate admission process, are required:

  • Statement of purpose - While there is no standard form, this document should describe the applicant's research interests and explain why they want this degree program and to study in this particular department of sociology.
  • Three letters of recommendation - There is no official form for letters of recommendation. Please have recommenders write their letters on their official letterhead and include their signature. If you would like to waive the right to view the recommendations (to be confidential), please follow the instructions here so the recommenders can upload letters themselves.
  • Academic writing sample - A writing sample is required for PhD applicants but optional for MA applicants. In either case, samples should be chosen appropriately to show readiness of the applicant to engage in graduate-level work in sociology.
  • Resume/CV

Please submit the above items through the Graduate Division Supplemental Materials Upload Site. All questions on Department of Sociology requirements should be directed to the Graduate Chair.

General Requirements

Possessing an undergraduate degree in sociology is not required for admittance into the graduate program. However, those who do not have appropriate prior coursework (ex. sociological theory) will need to make up for these deficiencies, in addition to the usual degree requirements, if they are admitted and enrolled.

On a similar note, an MA degree is not required for admittance into the PhD program. In fact, if a student is planning to pursue a PhD eventually, it is recommended that they apply directly to the PhD program. Those admitted will be eligible to receive an MA degree as part of the program en route to a PhD.