Crime, Law, and Social Control

The concentration in crime, law, and social control analyzes rule making, breaking, and enforcement. As criminology and criminal justice scholars, we explore the social construction, regulation, and consequences of crime and deviance, including official and unofficial policing, court-processing, and punishment. Our faculty offer unique expertise in Critical Criminology, Punishment and Society, and Law and Society. Critical Criminology examines interpersonally harmful acts as well as social harms such as sexism, racism, classism, heteronormativity, imperialism, and forms of organized hatred that rigidly divide our world. Critical Criminologists also examine how the unequal enforcement and application of laws maintain the race, gender, and class status quo. Law and Society looks behind “law on the books” to see law and “legality” in everyday life, and it explores the lived experience of law by tracing the gaps between what we think law is/does and what it actually is/does.

Core Faculty

Katherine Irwin, David Johnson, Ashley Rubin

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