Sociology (SOC) Course Identification

The following are considered to be Theory, Methods, Statistics courses for the purposes of graduate study.


  • SOC 611: Classical Sociological Theory
  • SOC 612: Contemporary Sociological Theory

Research Methods

  • SOC 475: Analysis in Survey Research
  • SOC 478: Analysis in Field Research Methods
  • SOC 606: Research Methods and Design
  • SOC 607: Seminar in Methods of Content Analysis
  • SOC 608: Survey Research Design and Analysis
  • SOC 609: Seminar Qualitative Research
  • SOC 701: Seminar in Evaluation Research


  • SOC 476/L: Social Statistics/ Social Statistics Laboratory
  • SOC 605/L: Statistics for Regression Analysis/ Regression Analysis Laboratory
  • SOC 705: Advanced Statistics

Substantive Courses

Broadly speaking, the term substantive is defined as referring to courses that focus on applications of social science knowledge to real-world problems, and not are primarily aimed at teaching new techniques. Substantive courses are defined to include all SOC courses at level 400 or higher, excepting:

  • TMS courses listed above
  • SOC 491: Discussion Group Leader–Freshman Seminar
  • SOC 495: Topics in Sociology
  • SOC 496: Topics in Sociology: Student Projects
  • SOC 499: Directed Reading or Research
  • SOC 500: Master’s Plan B/C Studies
  • SOC 699: Directed Reading/Research
  • SOC 700: Thesis Research
  • SOC 800: Dissertation Research

Substantive courses may also include courses outside of the department, subject to the following criteria:

  • Each course is at the equivalent level (400, 600, etc.) or higher than the course it is replacing.
  • The student's formal advisor writes a memo to the graduate chair documenting and confirming that the course has substantive social science content (though it does not necessarily have to be taught within the College of Social Sciences) and is consistent with the student's planned area of study within sociology.
  • No more than three courses outside of the sociology department can be counted towards the substantive courses required for the MA program.