Minor Requirements

The minor provides students with basic sociological knowledge and can supplement and enhance a chosen major through the study of related topics. Students should contact the undergraduate advisor for any questions regarding program requirements or if they are interested in obtaining a sociology minor.

Students must complete five upper-division (300/400-level) SOC courses (at least 15 credits), including:

1) Required Course:

  • SOC 300: Principles of Sociological Inquiry (4)

2) Four Elective SOC Courses:

  • 300/400-level, with at least one 400-level course.

On prerequisites:

  • SOC 100 or a 200-level UH Mānoa SOC course (or equivalent) is the prerequisite for 300-level SOC courses.
  • SOC 300 is the prerequisite for the 400-level SOC courses.

Additional notes:

  • All minor courses must be taken for a letter grade unless they are only offered as Credit/No Credit.
  • Prerequisite courses and all courses used for the minor must be passed with a grade of C (not C-) or better.
  • SOC 499 and SOC 494/SOCS 489 credits cannot be used to fulfill minor requirements.