Sociology at the University of Hawaiʻi

The Department of Sociology at UH Mānoa examines patterns and dynamics of social relations, while paying special attention to issues of social justice. The department covers many major dimensions of sociology and over time has developed academic expertise and excellence in the following domains:

  1. Race, ethnicity, gender, class.
  2. Health, aging, medical sociology.
  3. Asia, Pacific and Hawaiʻi in regional and global contexts.
  4. Crime, law, and social control.
  5. Nationalism, globalization, and sustainability.

You will find a highly engaged faculty - both in research and teaching - that take an active interest in making our interconnected world a better place.

The idea that #Indigenous rights and scientific progress are at odds is a lie. See our writing on the Mauna Kea/Thirty Meter Telescope fight.


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