Sociology at the University of Hawaiʻi

The Department of Sociology at UH Mānoa examines patterns and dynamics of social relations, while paying special attention to issues of social justice. The department covers many major dimensions of sociology and over time has developed academic expertise and excellence in the following domains:

  1. Race, ethnicity, gender, and class
  2. Health, aging, and medical sociology
  3. Asia, Pacific, and Hawaiʻi in regional and global contexts
  4. Crime, law, and social control
  5. Nationalism, globalization, and sustainability

You will find a highly engaged faculty - both in research and teaching - that take an active interest in making our interconnected world a better place.

Fantastic news! UH Mānoa research team studying large-scale educational
disruption in Latin America; Sociology Professor Manfred B. Steger co-director of Crisis Management team with $900,000 grant from Dubai Cares, involving Colleges of Soc. Sci. & Ed. (1)

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“The challenge of COVID-19 for adult men and women in the United States: disparities of psychological distress by gender and age" by Prof. Wei Zhang, PhD student Margaret Walkover, and Prof. Yan Yan Wu (@UHMPublicHealth
) was recently published:

Upcoming Presentation at 14:35 HST on Sept. 16; "Hawaii 2030 and Beyond: The Economic Implications of Population Aging" by Dr. Andrew Mason, Alan Oshima and Cullen Hayashida for the Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society's Biennial Conference. Register at

PhD student Margie Walkover was an invited discussant for an August research panel sponsored by the ASA Section on the History of Sociology & Social Thought New Voices Initiative. The panel’s four papers offered perspectives on “Scholar Activism and the History of Sociology.”

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PhD Graduates Ellen Meiser (Spring 2021) and Penn Pantumsinchai (Spring 2017)—hosts of the podcast @socbreakdown—were interviewed by @NYMag's @grubstreet about their article “The Normalization of Violence in Commercial Kitchens Through Food Media.”

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How Food TV Warped Our View of Real-World Restaurant Abuse

“I realized, this is abnormal.”

A symposium on Prof. Nandita Sharma's book, Home Rule @DukePress is featured in the latest issue of one of the American Sociological Association's official journals, the Journal of World Systems Research:

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“Trends in psychological distress and COVID-19 incidence across 15 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas in 2020," a collaborative work by Prof. Yan Yan Wu (@UHMPublicHealth), PhD student Margaret Walkover and Prof. Wei Zhang was recently published:

Professor Wei Zhang, PhD Candidate Keqing Zhang and Dr. Bei Wu (@nyuniversity) published "Perceived Neighborhood Conditions, Self-Management Abilities, and Psychological Well-Being Among Chinese Older Adults in Hawai’i" in Journal of Applied Gerontology:

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