Sociology at the University of Hawaiʻi

The Department of Sociology at UH Mānoa examines patterns and dynamics of social relations, while paying special attention to issues of social justice. The department covers many major dimensions of sociology and over time has developed academic expertise and excellence in the following domains:

  1. Race, ethnicity, gender, class.
  2. Health, aging, medical sociology.
  3. Asia, Pacific and Hawaiʻi in regional and global contexts.
  4. Crime, law, and social control.
  5. Nationalism, globalization, and sustainability.

You will find a highly engaged faculty - both in research and teaching - that take an active interest in making our interconnected world a better place.

Research by Ryan King from #ASA19: "If our goal is to have an equitable criminal justice system, we should acknowledge the progress that has been made, while being mindful that there still is a gap," he said.

Black prisoners were sentenced to 42 more months than whites in 1996. It's now fallen by 80 percent

"We've come a long way in the United States, but the gap hasn't disappeared," said the co-author of the research.

Understanding educational aspirations of those experiencing poverty, particularly in the Global South, requires moving away from the individualised models of research so as to pay closer attention to the collective aspects of people's lives

Tourism’s Tipping Point Should Be A Turning Point For Hawaii (Editorial) #HInews

The Norwegian Refugee Council ranks the Cameroon crisis as the most neglected displacement crisis in the world. @isabelaalhadeff wrote published this important story days before our mag shutters:

'People Are Being Killed Like Flies': Denied Asylum in the U.S., Cameroonians Fear Increasing Violence Back Home

Martin fled Cameroon when security forces imprisoned his father and started regularly raiding Anglophone villages. The U.S. government might send him ...

"firstborns tended to be more conscientious, extraverted and willing to lead... Yet the differences were very small, and the researchers concluded that the importance that is generally attached to sibling position in shaping one’s character is exaggerated"

Does Birth Order Affect Personality?

Researchers examine the old adage that birth order plays a significant role in shaping who we are

More than 60% of parents and 75% of teachers say public schools need more funding -- but almost an equal number say they don't want to raise taxes to pay for it, according to a new poll from @pdkintl:


Poll: Americans Want More Education Funding, But Not Higher Taxes

The public is willing to raise some taxes, but only ones that create unreliable revenue streams.

UH Will Allow Students To Earn Credit While Protesting TMT @blaze_lovell #HInews

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