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Sociology at the University of Hawaiʻi

The Department of Sociology at UH Mānoa examines patterns and dynamics of social relations, while paying special attention to issues of social justice. The department covers many major dimensions of sociology and over time has developed academic expertise and excellence in the following domains:

  1. Race, ethnicity, gender, class.
  2. Health, aging, medical sociology.
  3. Asia, Pacific and Hawaiʻi in regional and global contexts.
  4. Crime, law, and social control.
  5. Nationalism, globalization, and sustainability.

You will find a highly engaged faculty - both in research and teaching - that take an active interest in making our interconnected world a better place.

If an earthquake now hits India or Iran, killing over 20,000 people in each country—or if we witness a repeat of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina in the US or 2011’s tsunami in Japan—will the world respond? Would the world *wish* to respond?

Stanford researchers have developed a method that reverses the cellular mutations wrought by aging and walks cells back to their youthful state

A scanning electron micrograph of a human embryonic stem cell.

Turning Back the Clock on Aging Cells

Researchers report that they can rejuvenate human cells by reprogramming them to a youthful state.

#CommunityVoice: The only successful #quarantine strategy may be to keep everyone at home for a few weeks. #HInews

New Research On COVID-19 May Mean More Bad News

The only successful quarantine strategy may be to keep everyone at home for a few weeks.

"when advice seems random, or 'organic,' rather than intentional, it is more likely to be accepted and to have a positive impact on its audience" via @sciam

A Clever Way to Reduce Drinking on Campus

Making advice seem “random” reduces resistance, a study shows

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